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THE DEAD PATH COMMENTARY - A look at a fantastic fantasy novel fiction series.

The undead. Vampire fantasy at its best.

Any reader seeking thrilling sci fi adventure action, unique characters, and fantastical settings should know the Seaton name. A sci fi horror spectacle! One of the best science fiction fantasy books series. This is a vampire book series thats bound to have people talking. Through ages, classic fantasy novels have inspired us. A tale woven with horror, its a perfect cobination of genres in these futuristic science fiction fantasy books. These are dark vampire fantasy novels that will be remembered for decades to come. These are not aggressively violent vampire books that are gory, but a perfect blend of action, romance, suspense, and intriguing plot that captures the imagination. What makes these different vampire tales is these are somewhat futuristic vampire novels. The series will be remembered as one of the best science fiction horror books. Richard A. Ericson’s latest book is an unforgettable tale that will exceed everyone’s expectations. Quantum Heights, Ericsons’s first instalment of the Dead Path Chronicles series, is a delight, makes you think, thrills and excites. It’s also compact at under 300 pages, delivering all the page-turning story in an economical format.

Vampire fiction is old literature. But gaining more in popularity. Futuristic vampire tales are very new to books. When I set out to write a book about vampires, I wanted something different. This fantasy adventure has it all. It is an epic battle fantasy. After you read the dead path chronicles series, you will understand why this is considered one of the top vampire fantasy books in this genre. There are other vampire books, but if you want quality of vampire story telling that is not aggressively gory, then this is the best sci fi books series you can get your hands on. In Alamptria, good must temper the looming threat of evil for survival. The dark forces have awakened and returned to torment the people of Elysium, Koriston and the other cities of Alamptria. Fortunately the vim of Petoshine and its great wizard Grongone stand strong against the rising evil. To help conquer the dark forces, Grongone bestows three claymores of astonishing power upon the Seaton brothers who as knight masters set about defending the people of Elysium and Alamptria’s other great cities. Though the Seatons are only human, with each successive attack, their power grows, feeding off the energy of the vim of Petoshine.

For over a thousand years, Makoor and his undead minions have laid dormant, waiting for the opportunity to strike. They feared Grongone’s great power. Yet over time, the dark forces regrouped, gaining power exponentially as their forces grew. With every passing day, the dark lord Makoor and his undead plotted the day when they would unleash their torment and persecute the humans of Alamptria to take ultimate control over the land, and to feed on the blood of the people and make them accept Makoor as their master.

When the innocent meet the brutality and horror of the dark forces, they find the heroism of the unstoppable Seatons a beacon of light. Driven by strength, intelligence and brotherhood, the Seaton brothers stand tall to fight against the undead to ensure peace and harmony remain in Alamptria............. READ MORE


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What kind of experience has writing Dead Path Chronicles been for you?


R.E.: Writing the Dead Path Chronicles has been gratifying in many ways. I set out to write a sci fi horror that would be as popular as the vampire academy or twilight, but yet entirely different. These are classic fantasy novels. It’s my first novel, and having spent seven years writing it, I realize that with a lot of hard work and determination I can achieve whatever I set out to accomplish. In the beginning, I just had few vague thoughts. But as time went on, a story grew out of them. Months turned into years, and I found myself not just telling a simple story but creating an epic with numerous complicated story lines, something of cinematic scope proportion, that would thrust readers into an all-encompassing fantasy/horror world. Having the opportunity to create a world peopled with dynamic characters that come into conflict with one another and ultimately cause this world to erupt into chaos has been a great privilege for me. I enjoy having that sort of control, as if I get the chance to play God for a moment and decide others’ destinies. I wrote the best sci fi fantasy books I can ever imagine. All in all, the whole experience has been a giant roller coaster ride, and it has been a lot of fun... READ MORE










Richard A. Ericson releases chapters and excerpts from his classic fantasy books. A story well told that he's proud to call his science fiction fantasy books classics... a vampire book series.

>>> These chapters were taken from the futuristic vampire novel 'Quantum Heights.' An exciting tale where the kights of Petoshine come in confict with the horror of the dark lord and his vampire undead minions. Check back on this website every month for more excerpts released on what is the next generation on epic vampie books since the twilight saga and vampire academy.


RELEASED EXCERPT >>> Cold Hearted and Driven

The city of Jethro was sodden and heavy from the slushy rain that fell thickly over the streets. It was warm for a winter’s day, and the cobblestone shone from the wet. Upon nightfall, the citizens slowly made their way into their homes and bunkered themselves in for the dark. Night in Jethro was a fearsome time, and the people who lived here were scarred by their memories.

In a suite of a small apartment building, Cynthia Davenport was grieving for the loss of her brother, her best friend. It was one year ago on this night that the dreaded vampire had taken her brother’s life. For Cynthia it was a year of pain and desperation; she ached to find a way to destroy the entire vampire cult that continually persecuted their great land of Alamptria. The people of the kingdom had to spend their time and precious limited resources to defend their homes from these wretched creatures of the underworld who flew by night out from Mount Drone, which stood at the base of Plaphorius, and flooded the skies, turning them black. The dark lord and his vampire minions originated from the near by planet of Dragora....... READ MORE





After claiming two horses at the stables, Caprius and Calista rode over the dirt and snow-covered trails out of the city of Galdington and all the way to the village of Jethro. Keeping his distance was Vernon Goncoul also on horseback. Vernon was furious over the death of his brother and felt not only stricken with guilt for not having been there to prevent it but blind with anger. He wanted the solace claymore and to see both Caprius and Calista dead. But he knew he couldn’t be hasty and had to bide his time, remain in the shadows until he could give them their due.

The early morning was thick with fog that was so dense, it was difficult to see more than a meter or so in front of the horses. Caprius and Calista went down a small hill and below they were able to make out the barest outlines of buildings in the village of Jethro. They continued on unaware of Vernon standing on the hilltop behind them obscured by the mist swirling around him and his steed. He made a dark silhouette against the gloomy background.

Calista and Caprius made their way through the gravel-covered main road and looked in the shops as they passed. It was a quaint town but the people seemed to be deeply affected by the fog as they were listless, no one speaking to anyone else. Caprius stopped one man, “I say, my good sir, can you tell me where the local pub is?” The man looked slowly at Caprius and said not a word. Calista nudged Caprius ..... READ MORE


RELEASED EXCERPT >>> Of Absence and Malice - part 1


Standing beside her was Melina Hampshire’s sister, Selena. Not knowing Selena but always operating under the assumption that she would be just as annoying as her sister, Andromin treated her as he did Melina, with the same dismissive scorn. In turn, she disregarded him entirely. It was, for all intents and purposes, he figured, a perfect non-relationship. He tapped on the glass and when Selena turned around, he stuck his tongue out at her. She frowned and made rude gestures with both hands before returning to her work. Andromin walked away quickly with his head down. He knew Selena would tell Caprius and his brother would have some choice words for him, but frankly, he didn’t care...... READ MORE





Calista took a deep breath. “Later I came to understand that the Goncouls were plotting against the queen of Koriston. Something about transforming humans into the undead and eternal life. I knew then I was fraternizing with the enemy. Nigel’s younger brother Thornin was first in command and oversaw the operation. He was a man whom I had also adored, even developed some feelings for. But my loyalty was to Nigel and Thornin knew and respected that. After the Goncouls planned to assassinate Queen Amenova, I panicked and went into hiding in Koriston. Nigel and Thornin searched for me, but I’d hidden well. Any time a Goncoul went to a pub or an event, I made sure to remain inside. One night at Gripers Green Dragon Pub there was a close call; I caught a glimpse of Nigel from a distance. I knew he was looking for me. I saw the look on his face. He missed me. Thornin showed up and comforted his brother with a hand on his shoulder. My heart ached for them both..... READ MORE



RELEASED EXCERPT >>> Of Code and Honor


Caprius and Calista took a simple room at Molly Mable’s Inn close to the station. The room available had only one bed. They were so tired and had been through so much, they didn’t bother worrying about this. Vernon Goncoul held back and as soon as the pair went up the stairs, he too booked himself a room.

Caprius and Calista fell into the bed without any discussion. The night was dark, a shadowed moon in the sky, and soon Calista was woven in upsetting dreams. She saw herself running in the woods. Running from Nigel. She took refuge behind a tree and closed her eyes. Nigel was calling out to her in the sweetest, most loving voice. Yet she trembled. His voice faded away and all was quiet. When she...... READ MORE



RELEASED EXCERPT >>> The Mists and the Avant-guard


Caprius approached the canvas and looked at the portrait. He nearly gasped; it was as if he were looking at his twin sitting in the room with him. But it had a ghostly quality to it as if his other self had passed away long ago and this was a relic of him in life. “You have really captured the very essence of my soul,” he whispered. He turned to her. “But now I must get that information from you. Where is that watch shop?”

“Come with me to the second floor. The paper with the address is up there,” she said. Enlora took Caprius’ arm in hers and they left the room. Calista, who was in the hall, stepped back into the shadows just as they passed.

Caprius and Enlora walked up the staircase and went into the bedroom...... READ MORE



RELEASED EXCERPT >>> Of Absense and Malice - part 2

“You killed my men. That comes at a high price, Seaton,” said Harid. “I would have reported this, but we decided it’d be more fun if we just killed you ourselves.” He looked at Andromin’s claymore. “But let’s be fair, shall we? No magical fairy powers from you, just skill. Like a real man. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” said Andromin. “Like a real man,” he repeated. Beneath them, the ice of the pond cracked from their weight. The two Taughtenslottes raised their swords. “Why don’t we make this short and to the point,” Andromin said amicably. He lifted his sword up high, then brought the tip of it down with fierce power, instantly cracking the ice. The three of them fell through into the frigid water. While the Taughtenslottes choked and floundered, Andromin grabbed one, held his face under water and choked him. The man struggled and reached for his friend, but he was too busy trying to find his way to solid ground. Andromin’s grip grew stronger and stronger until finally the man let out his last bubbles of air and died. Andromin let go of the body and it drifted gently..... READ MORE









He is the hunter who preys upon humans in his lust for blood. He is the iniquitous beast with the strength of ten men. He is swift enough to dodge bullets; stealthy enough to fly into the night as a bat; capable of transformation into a wolf, into a heavy mist, or into nothing at all, and as suddenly can vanish in a moment. He is Dracula: the blood sucking vampire.

Probably the most famous vampire books written ever. These immortal creatures captivate audiences because they speak to the beast that lies inside us all. Our curiosity about these blood-sucking parasites is insatiable. Is it the horror and danger? The overwhelming desire for eternal life? A dark possibility for seduction? Or it is that they can assume human form yet possess superhuman dark powers? What makes this the most intriguing classic fantasy books?

It is certainly all of these. Vampires have captured the literary imagination now more than ever. Dracula is one of the most powerfully written fictional characters ever created, and the books and films in which he appears continue to intrigue audiences. No single character has managed to captivate us equally since Dracula was created over a hundred years ago. Bram Stoker created a sci fi horror that would stand the test of time. Vioent vampire books are loved by millions. And Bram Stokers 'Dracula' is a compelling vampire books classic. The characters of this dark vampire fantasy novel are unforgettable; legendary. Count Dracula’s intention to survive the ages has manifested; he who hungers for eternal life and embraces the darkness by which to draw human blood shall indeed live forever.... READ MORE

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THE 'DEAD PATH CHRONICLES' - An in depth look at the characters of a fantastic fantasy fiction book series. Richard A. Ericson discusses the characters of Alamptria. Read about their history; their ambitions and their behavior. Find out who they are; what drives them; where they've been; what they're up to and where they're headed.


When Cynthia was very young, she watched her mother die at the hands of a mugger, who after robbing her mother, shot her point blank in the heart. He was never found. At seeing Cynthia’s growing distress and anguish over the loss of her mother, and her helplessness in the face of a violent world of thieves and hoodlums, her father, a war veteran, took it upon himself to train Cynthia in the art of hand-to-hand and sword combat. Nonetheless, while she could and did defend herself against anyone who dared cross her, she spent her adolescence feeling distressed and traumatized.... READ MORE