4 Things You Didn’t Know About Albuquerque

Whether you are originally from Albuquerque, or you have never even stepped foot in it, there are many little-known facts you have probably never heard of. Here are four things you didn’t know about the city.

1. People There Are Smart

While places like Boston and New York City are home to great schools, did you know that there is a large number of people there who have earned a Doctorate? It is always listed as one of the top ten places in the nation when it comes to the number of PhD. recipients who live there.

2. Mike Judge Is From There

When most people watch King of the Hill, they assume that the person creating it hails from Texas, but this is not the case. Judge is one of the many famous people who are from this city.

3. Microsoft Was Started There

Most people believe that this company was created in Seattle since that is the city most associated with the founders, Paul Allen and Bill Gates, but this is not the case at all. It was started in Albuquerque and it was located there from 1975-1979.

4. There Are No Skyscrapers

Even though this city is pretty large, there are no buildings there that are over 22 stories. While this may seem obvious to those who live there, many people hadn’t noticed. Super tall buildings are not erected there because the soil in the area is not ideal for this purpose.

While you have probably heard all about the Rio Grande and other common things that are associated with this city, it is likely that this is the first time you have ever heard these four facts. This will probably make you think of this place differently in the future.