A Couple Things That You Can Do In New Mexico

Have you ever been to the state of New Mexico during the spring? It’s a very beautiful place to visit. You may have tried to go there once or twice before, but you may have missed this season. This is when the flowers begin to bloom, and the leaves come out, making it very beautiful. If you can do several activities that are outdoors, you will definitely have fun taking in all of the beautiful sites and scenery that New Mexico has to offer. Here are some tips on where you can go when you get to the state during the spring time.

Grand Canyon South Rim Daytrip

You will have to travel in, going through Winslow, all the way up to the South rim. You will go past Flagstaff, and ultimately you will come to the South rim national Park area. You can take a simple daytrip which will take you around the rim of the canyon, plus you will be able to do many things on this tour. It’s a good idea to arrive early in the morning so that you have at least eight hours where you can walk around, do hiking, and just experience the grandeur of this beautiful canyon.

Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Rides

Albuquerque is well-known for many things including its hot air balloon rides. You get to see the city from quite a distance up, and you will be able to home also see the desert landscape that extends for miles. It is important to purchase your tickets online to save as much money as possible. These can be about $200 apiece. However, it’s well worth the trip because of the view that you will have on these hot air balloons during the spring time.

There are many other things that you will be able to do including check out Sandia Peak, using their tramway. There are also national parks that you can visit. As long as you are able to spend a substantial amount of time out in the countryside, you will start to see why so many people love this state. Although it is barren by most standards when looking at states like California and Oregon, the beauty lies in the flat landscape that you will see for hundreds of miles. Book your trip this week to find out why so many people love the state of New Mexico.