Why Living in New Mexico is Awesome

Living in New Mexico isn’t something that most people think of when they think of living in the best place in the USA, but they really should. The state has so much to offer to anyone willing to spend the time to look, and it can be really enjoyable just to hang out in your city or town as well. The state has a bit of everything, from shopping and theme parks to mysticism, traditional arts, and outdoors activities. There are very few people who wouldn’t enjoy living in the state once they got used to it.

The best thing about this state is the lack of humidity, and the great weather. People often travel to the state to get away from the snow and gross weather that plagues many other states. They know that when they plan something in New Mexico, they aren’t going to be disappointed by a storm or snowed out of their cabin. This makes it easier fort hem to enjoy their time in the area, and to plan ahead for much bigger activities that they might otherwise skip.

In addition, many people love going to the many attractions that the state has to offer. From the bustling metropolis that is Albuquerque, to old native cave paintings, there is something to see everywhere you look. The old seems to blend in with the new, with streets filled with old pottery sellers and new electronic solutions to everyday problems. Even believers in aliens can find something in the state that boasts the Roswell landing site.

Overall, the state has more than any one person could ever explore over their lifetime, and offers anyone who visits a once in a lifetime chance to walk in a world that is both the past and future all at once.